Get ahead of the competition with our block capture system.

Our block capture system is the most advanced and reliable solution for securing highly coveted delivery blocks on popular platforms like Amazon Flex.

Designed with drivers in mind, our system boasts the most configurable, fast, and secure features available on the market. With our advanced configuration options, drivers can customize their capture settings to match their specific needs and preferences.

Lightning-fast capture speeds ensure that drivers can quickly reserve the blocks they need before their competitors. Additionally, our top-of-the line security measures ensure that drivers' login credentials are protected at all times, providing peace of mind and a seamless experience.

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  • Speed

    With our AI-POWERED System and ultra-fast server,
    you will have a better chance of capturing b
    locks before tvhe competition.

  • Security

    Our top-of-the-line security measures ensure that
    drivers' login credentials are protected at all times,
    providing peace of mind and a seamless experience.

  • Configurable

    You can configure the search and capture of
    blocks by price, hours, specific warehouses,
    start and end times, among many others.

  • 24/7 Support

    At our company, we pride ourselves on providing
    exceptional customer service. That's why
    we offer 24/7 customer support to ensure
    that you always have access to assistance
    whenever you need it.

Don't you have an Amazon Flex account?

If you're interested in opening an Amazon Flex account, we can offer you a reliable and trustworthy service. Our guarantee ensures that you'll receive a fully-functional account, and you won't have to pay until you receive it. The process usually takes between one week and fifteen days, so you can start delivering packages and earning money in no time.
To be eligible for a proper account opening, a person must meet the following requirements:

1) Have not applied before for an Amazon account.
2) Hold a valid and current license.
3) Have not submitted their license or social security number if it is still pending review.

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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section!

Will using RapiFlex get my account banned?

We constantly update our system with security patches to avoid detection. The way and timing of your system usage can also play a significant role. By following our recommended guidelines, you can rest assured that the risk of being banned will be extremely low or nonexistent.

Why do I need to connect my Flex account?

To link your account to our system, we will need you to follow a few steps and provide certain information, such as the city where you are located and a telephone number to receive notifications. Please be assured that all the information you provide is confidential and treated with the utmost security standards.

How many blocks will I get using RapiFlex?

The number of blocks you capture daily will depend greatly on the city you are in and the supply provided by Amazon. Additionally, it will heavily rely on how effectively you use the system. For instance, in cities with ample block supply, our most experienced users capture up to 2 blocks per day.

Is Rapiflex compatible with IOS and Android

Yes, our system is compatible with any operating system as it can be accessed and used on any modern web browser available in the market